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The movie story deals with Vikramjeet who is unhappy with Indian Censor Board who prepares a list of cuts for Bollywood film producer, Vikramjeet is unhappy and decides to meet the Minister himself to appeal against these cuts, only to find out that the Minister favors even more cuts. Then Vikramjeet shows this movie in a private theatre to an audience from all walks of life, he then takes their written opinion, smuggles a copy to America, just in time to ensure that it is nominated for an Oscar. This is where Vikramjeet's troubles start as the Censor Board refuses to grant a "U" certificate; he is arrested for smuggling the movie without permission from the Reserve Bank of India. The only way he can escape the wrath of the authorities is getting some fans and stars of his movie to gather some dirt on the Censor Board members and expose them publicly. But will this pacify the authorities, or will it aggravate the situation. Watch what the wily 80-year old veteran does to try and show his movie uncut and with the "U" rating.
Duration: 2 Hour, 44 Minute, 44 Second
Rating: 3.76 - Good
Definition: HD
Published: 2 Years Ago

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